Carroll University is a Pioneer—Wisconsin’s first, four-year institution of higher learning. From 1846 forward, we’ve been helping generations of students like you discover their unique place in the world. You’re a seeker, an explorer. You’re driven by curiosity, fueled by the desire to better yourself and your world. We get it. The first step on an epic journey is preparation. Let’s get started!

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Admission Types

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FIRST YEAR STUDENTS | If you have graduated from high school or will soon and have yet to attend another college or university, your journey starts here.

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TRANSFER, RETURNING, PART-TIME, FIRST YEAR AND PREVIOUS DEGREE STUDENTS | If you aren’t starting at Carroll right out of high school and haven’t previously attended college, or are looking to come back to college later in life, start here. 

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If you are seeking to pursue a graduate-level degree, your journey starts here.

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If you're coming from another country or are a non-US citizen who does not hold US permanent resident status, your journey starts here.

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If you are a high school or middle school student seeking enrichment and college preparatory programs your journey starts here.

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EARLY COLLEGE CREDIT & VISITING AND NON-DEGREE STUDENTS | If you are seeking Early College Credit or are a visiting non-degree student, your journey starts here.

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